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A comprehensive, user-friendly, secure and lightning-fast solution that empowers individuals with total control over their transactions within the Ethereum blockchain's ERC20 ecosystem.

With a simple command, users can effortlessly instruct the bot to execute their desired transactions
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About Us

The Purpose of EYE is to empower Traders with diverse range of cutting-edge resources, including the EYE Trading Bot, EYE Smart Money, EYE Hidden Gems, EYE Safe Burns, and many more. These remarkable tools offer a meticulously researched wealth of information that is guaranteed to enhance your trading experience and positively impact your outcomes.

Discover the extraordinary potential of EYE and revolutionize your trading journey with never-seen before tools.
Empower yourself with unparalleled insights and gain an edge in the market, as you unlock new realms of success and prosperity.

At the heart of EYE's offerings is its Telegram-based Trading Bot, a game-changing utility with unparalleled features. Prepare to be astounded by its intuitive CUI design, advanced encryption protocols, exceptional adaptability, and instantaneous token approval.


EYE Trading Bot

Unprecedented Control Over TXNs:
A bot to swap, snipe and track your tokens.
EYE's primary utility is a Telegram-based Trading Bot with never-seen before features. Some of them include Intuitive CUI Design, Advanced Encryption Protocols, Highly Modifiable, Instant Token Approval, etc. 50% of the fee goes to the Referrer.

EYE Smart Money

EYE Smart Money: Your Financial Growth Guide(in BETA) :

This is a channel powered by EYE that aims to help users find lucrative investment opportunities safely.
It employs a bot called EYE Smart Money Bot, which uses advanced risk assessment techniques to evaluate the vulnerability of tokens to scams, rug pulls, and other fraudulent activities. The bot considers various factors, including the credibility of the project's team, the deployer wallet, code audits, verification, locks, renounce, and transparency.

EYE ETH Hidden Gems

ETH Hidden Gems: Discovering Promising Projects.

ETH Hidden Gems offers a solution for the daunting task of navigating the world of crypto.
This platform, powered by the EYE, specializes in finding promising projects within the Ethereum ecosystem. Through rigorous analysis and special filters, ETH Hidden Gems identifies projects that meet specific criteria and sends signals to its dedicated channel, alerting users to potential investment opportunities.

EYE Social Finder

Social Finder Bot: Your All-in-One Social Media Discovery Tool.

The Social Finder Bot, Powered by EYE, excels in locating relevant social media accounts and communities on popular platforms such as Telegram, Twitter, Etherscan, CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, Dextools, GitHub, Reddit, Discord, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more. By leveraging web scraping and API integrations, the Social Finder Bot streamlines the process of discovering essential social media resources.

Eye Audit Bot

Eye Audit Bot: Your Reliable Bot for Contract Analysis.

The in-Depth Contract Checker is a comprehensive bot that equips users with the essential information needed for a thorough analysis of token contracts. By utilizing advanced algorithms and reliable data sources, this bot helps users verify token details, identify potential risks, and create a transparent and secure investment environment. Contract Verification, Token Details, Tokenomics Analysis, Security Audit, Liquidity and Trading Analysis, Token Holder Distribution are the main aspects that the bot goes through and provides you with a thorough result.

EYE Safe Burns

EYE - SAFE BURNS - Portal to Safe Burnt Tokens

The EYE Safe Burns Bot goes through all the instantly burnt liquidity tokens after it goes through the contract, if found safe, the bot sends a signal right away. Remember to DYOR first regardless of the signals in any of our channels.


Token Info

Total Supply : 100M $EYE tokens
Tax : 5/5 each txn
Taxes go to Development, Marketing, Listings, etc.

EYE Revenue Sources include 1% fee per txn made through EYE Trading Bot.
Ca : 0xa11Fa7273a080635d11C7CE09a94d298bE4fCf4d

Token Distribution

70% supply added to liq
3% reserved for CEX
2% for airdrop
22% for private sale
3% for marketing and new onboardings

Tier Elligibility based on % of $EYE :
The EYE Trading Bot is free to use with 1% fee on buys and sells.

Tiers and Revenue

ILLUMINATI : Access to this Premium $EYE Club is open to only Holders of 1% or more $EYE.

Illuminati Club will actively be served with Large share in passive income generating tools, Premium Club-Only Features, and many more exclusive perks.

Tier 1

The First Tier gets all the premium features of the EYE Trading Bot and all the other tools EYE will ever build. Minimum required $EYE % is 0.5%.

Tier 2

The Second Tier gets access to EYE- Smart Money, EYE Hidden Gems, EYE Safe Burns and everything else other than the premium features for the Trading Bot. Minimum required $EYE % is 0.2%.

Tier 3

The Third Tier gets access to EYE Hidden Gems, EYE Safe Burns and other tools other than that of Tier 1 & 2. Minimum required is $1000 worth of $EYE.
Note: There is a 1 minute delay.

Why Choose Us?

Eye's intuitive design ensures easy navigation for both beginner and experienced traders, making token swapping accessible to all.
Enjoy swift and secure buying and selling of tokens, protected by advanced encryption protocols for peace of mind.
Stay informed with up-to-date token prices, trends, and liquidity data, empowering informed decision-making for optimal trading outcomes.
Instantly approve a wide range of cryptocurrencies, eliminating delays and enabling seamless token swapping experiences.
Our dedicated support team is available round the clock to assist you with any queries or concerns you may have.
Maximize profits with Eye's customizable bots. Optimize token swapping with automated execution. Elevate your trading experience.

Our Roadmap

Phase 1

Formation and Launch (Q2 2023)
Form a team of experienced developers, marketers, and community managers
Launch the EYE website and social media channels
Development of trading and analytic tools
Launch the EYE token on uniswap
List on CMC + CG
Launch EYE Trading Bot

Phase 2

Development of Core Products (Q2-Q3 2023)
Testing and launch EYE Audit Bot
Testing and launch EYE Hidden Gems bot
Testing and launch EYE Smart Money bot
Extensive marketing and PR campaigns
10,000 + concurrent users

Phase 3

Expansion of Product Suite (Q4 2023)
Testing and launch EYE Social Finder Bot
Testing and launch EYE Safe Burns Bot
Integrate EYE's products with other web3 projects to expand functionality and reach
Explore partnerships with other DeFi projects to enhance interoperability
Listings on new exchanges
100,000 + active EYE users

Phase 4

Integration with Other Web3 Projects (Q1-Q2 2024)
Continue to develop new DeFi products based on user feedback and market trends
Explore new use cases for blockchain technology and expand EYE's offerings accordingly
1,000,000 + active EYE users
Trading competitions, giveaways and airdrops


What is EYE?
EYE is a web3 project that offers a comprehensive, user-friendly, and secure set of multi-functional tools based on Telegram that aid users through the journey of crypto. It includes various tools such as EYE Trading Bot, EYE Smart Money, EYE Hidden Gems, EYE Safe Burns, EYE Wallet, EYE Portfolio Tracker, EYE Price Alerts, and EYE Community.
What is the primary utility of EYE?
The primary utility of EYE is a Telegram-based Trading Bot with never-seen before features. Some of them include Intuitive CUI Design, Advanced Encryption Protocols, Highly Modifiable, Instant Token Approval, etc. 50% of the fee goes to the Referrer.
What are the benefits of using EYE? any time?
Using EYE can provide you with highly researched information that is sure to aid you in one way or the other. It offers a tracking cryptocurrency investments, receiving notifications on price changes, and being ahead of the game in finding tokens.
How can I get started with EYE?
To get started with EYE, you can visit their website and join their social media channels to stay updated with their latest developments. You can also purchase $EYE to get hold of our premium features in the tier system.
How much to hold for each tier?
Tier 3- Minimum required is $1000 worth of $EYE
Tier 2- Minimum required $EYE % is 0.2%
Tier 1- Minimum required $EYE % is 0.5%
Top Tier - Holders of 1% or more $EYE
EYE trading bot free to use?
The EYE Trading Bot is free to use with 1% fee on buys and sells. 50% of the fee goes to the Referrer.
Any more questions?
Contact the team and we’ll respond ASAP.
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